As well as our cable (MENA Cable); MENA network has access to main cables connecting Europe to the Middle East and the Far East. With this network we provide our customers with direct access to the most important locations for their business.

We have equipped the network with the latest technologies from leading global equipment vendors. In addition, we are continuously upgrading our network with the latest high Capacity optical DWDM technologies. With this technology we offer high speed wavelength services, delivering these high bandwidths in the timeframes you require and at an attractive price.

The network is continuously monitored and managed round the clock by our Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Our state-of-the-art network allows us to deliver reliable and cost-effective connectivity that is fully supported and secure. Because we own the network down to the physical layer, we control our costs, allowing you to control yours.
Network Layout
MENA Cable
Using the most advanced technology, MENA cable had been built with DWDM technology. It includes 6 fiber pairs originally designed to accommodate 96 wavelengths each 10Gbps (total capacity: 5.76Tbps) however we are in the process to upgrade the technology so that the cable will have an ultimate capacity of 48 TB/s using 100G technology. MENA cable total length is 8,100km submerged cable and 930km terrestrial cable crossing Egypt in two different routes for redundancy, MENA cable designed life time is 25 years.

Geographically, MENA cable is divided into three main segments:

Mediterranean Segment:
This segment is connecting Abu Talat – Egypt with Mazara – Italy and then terrestrially to Milan. The segment has two branch units for future expansion. The segment also contains MEAN IP PoPs in Mazara and Milan.

Terrestrial Segment:
MENA Terrestrial Network is a full redundant, diverse (Ring configuration) terrestrial network to connect Zafarana Landing station on the Red Sea side and Abu Talat Landing Station on the Mediterranean Sea side which are owned by MENA.

South East Segment:
This segment is connecting Zafarana – Egypt with Jeddah – KSA, Al-Seeb – Oman and Mumbai – India with potential connectivity to Sudan and Djibouti through segment’s branching units.
TW1, as a sister cable company, is providing MENA with an extended reach to Fujairah – UAE, GCC and
Karachi – Pakistan.

MENA Network
MENA Network is based on the world’s largest and reliable backbone network of Submarine cables. MENA Network is developed with reliable infrastructure partners that enable us to provide connectivity services across the globe.

With customer centric mindset, flexible approach we are able to offer solutions using systems like TW1,SMW4,IMWE,EIG,I2I and Teams.

We are working hard to expand our network reach by adding more partnerships to our list.